dr beasley

A Letter from Dr. Greg Beasley

To my patients at Advanced Chiropractic,

It has been a privilege and honor to serve you and the greater Everett area for the last 20 years. I have been humbled that so many of you have entrusted your health care to me! I have learned so much from you and have the honor to call you friends as well as patients.

As you can tell by the sentiments of this letter I have sold this practice recently. It took about a year to find someone with the adjusting skills and personal skills I was comfortable with. This is Dr. Ben McCay. He has been in practice for over ten years and has a patient driven mentality towards practice, as compared to just getting patients in and out of the door. I am confident he will serve you well. He has the trait, that many doctors lack, in listening to his patients. This will serve you well. The transition period with me in the office is over, unfortunately so unless you were in while I was there I will not have the privilege of saying farewell to you face to face!

Please make an appointment to meet Dr. McCay and get a good adjustment from him soon. Or, like many of you did while I was there for the transition, just stop in to say hi and meet him.

Again, I thank you for the last 20 years.


Dr. Greg Beasley