​Everett, WA massage therapyIt would make sense if you  thought massage therapy was a luxury that people did just because it felt good. It is true that it feels wonderful and relaxing, soothing soreness and relieving tension in muscles. Massage therapy, whether in a treatment session for an injury, or a relaxation session has many health benefits. 

Melting into a state of deep relaxation can be, in itself, very healing.  Massage therapy helps to balance the autonomic nervous system. Having regular massage can help your mood. When you have a massage therapist that you feel trust and comfort with, just knowing you have made time for yourself to receive massage will have a huge impact on how you feel and have a cumulative effect on relieving your stress.

“One of the most positive aspects of receiving massage therapy treatments is that all the methods are natural, drug-free, noninvasive, chemical-free (except for simple lotion or oil) and based on the sciences of physiology and anatomy. All benefits are real, not based on mood-altering drugs and can be obtained exactly the same way time after time – you build no resistance as you do to a drug, and you have no side effects except a feeling of wellbeing, and that is one you will never complain about. “ Taken from The Secret Of How Massage Therapy Benefits Your Overall Health  Guest Author: William Hall

Over the next few months I will be talking about each one of the many benefits in more detail and the direct effect that massage therapy has in treating each one.

  • Massage therapy relieves stress caused by daily activities.
  • It can relieve some symptoms of depression and insomnia.
  • Massage therapy improves the circulation of blood, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the different organs, systems and tissues.
  • It stimulates the circulation of the lymphatic system, helping to release toxins
  • Massage therapy can help lower blood pressure.
  • Massage can relieve tension headaches.
  • Massage enhances flexibility, mobility and joint range of motion.
  • Massage reduces muscle spasms. 
  • It treats muscular-skeletal problems. It encourages faster healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments, reduces pain and swelling and reduces formation of excessive scar tissue.
  • It boosts the immune system.
  • Massage reduces fatigue (emotional and physical).
  • ​It helps with pain management in cases such as arthritis and sciatica. 

I will also talk about the benefits of hydrotherapy (the use of ice and heat in healing injuries) and I’ll talk about the age old idea of drinking water before and after receiving massage.

If you are looking for massage therapy in Everett, WA, please contact me through Advanced Chiropractic or by email at dragontears21@yahoo.com  My name is Roann and I've been practicing massage therapy in Everett since 2005. I would love to try and help you relieve pain and find the path of a natural healing process. If you have any questions at all relating to massage therapy, or my office please contact me, I would be happy to talk with you.

Roann Taylor, LMP

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