Early Chiropractic care for Low back pain

Hello, my name is Dr. Greg Beasley and I have been in the practice of chiropractic since 1993.  A large part of my practice has been treating chronic and acute low back pain. I have written about this in the past, yet after seeing it again multiple times over the past few weeks I have to bring it up again.

The faster you get care for your acute low back pain the better.  Last week I had three new patients that injured their low back and came in the office the same day.  I also had two other individuals that had injured their low back over a week earlier.  With the early chiropractic care including stretching, ice, traction, adjustments, home stretching and exercise and education against resting the three same day injuries have already greatly improved in one week.  In contrast the two patients with the low back pain of over a week, even with the same treatment are seeing slower results.

The patients who entered the office very soon after the injury will not only get better faster but they will also have less chance of developing chronic low back pain and will have less flare ups.  The patients who waited and rested at home will require more care and have greater chances of flare ups.  I have seen both of these situations thousands of times over the years.

If you have acute low back pain find a chiropractor right away.  If you have more chronic low back pain I still encourage you to find a chiropractor, but remember you will take a little longer to see lasting results and you will need to do more home stretching.

Advanced Chiropractic, Everett Wa.  If you live in this area and have any type of low back pain please give us a call and we will get you in right away.  If I cannot help you I have colleagues in the medical profession that can.
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