Good day and thanks for taking a look at this blog.  Whiplash type injures to the neck and upper back happen every day in the Everett area.  Many people will have immediate neck and upper back pain and headaches.   Some people will have a delayed onset of pain in these areas.  In either instance the choice of treatment you choose will make a huge difference in your progress in recovering from the whiplash.

I am a chiropractor in Everett and  have had the opportunity to treat whiplash victims for over 19 years.  The most important advice I can give to anyone who has been in a whiplash type injury is to move.  I will see a new patient about every week that has been rear ended and develops neck pain and the victim will restrict their neck range of motion thinking they are helping the problem.  I have seen some patients with 80% loss of neck motion due to their own lack of movement.  The hard thing with these patients is that it takes longer to help them due to the muscles and joints setting up in a shortened state.

So what to do?  If you are seriously injured from the car accident and have extreme pain go directly to the ER.  Sometimes CT's and MRI's are needed right away.  I have seen people walk away from a car crash with a broken neck that is not found for a week or so after the accident.  Once you are cleared with "only a whiplash," start general range of motion exercise by turning your head to the left and right three times in a row and each time go a little farther.  Then look up and down again three times going farther each time.  Next tip the head to the right and left (try to take the ear to the shoulder) for the same number of times.  Doing this a few times a day will not only help prevent your neck from really locking up but will also maintain neck range of motion and limit pain.  If you have pain into the arms while doing these movements stop and see a chiropractor right away.

If you have been involved in a rear end type whiplash and are having neck and upper back pain or headaches and need more information for your treatment please contact me.  I am a chiropractor in Everett and have been treating whiplash for over 19 years.

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