Good day!  My name is Dr. Greg Beasley and I am a chiropractor in Everett Wa.  I have been in practice for 20 years as of this February!  For those 20 years there has not been a day in the office that I have not treated and helped a patient with a headache.  Headaches can have many causes that are small and easy to take care of, as in lack of water, too much caffeine, too little caffeine, alcohol, need for glasses or just a lack of sleep.  Then there are the rare large reasons for headaches such as tumors, cancers or head trauma.  What I see daily is another cause for headaches. This is when the joints of your neck do not function properly and is coupled with muscle irritation from the lack of joint function that leads to what is termed a Cervicogenic headaches.  Cervical refers to the neck or cervical spine and genic refers to where the pain originates.

This type of headache will usually start at the base of skull and then shoot up over the head into the back of the eye.  Many people will think it is a sinus headache because of the pressure behind the eye.  Not only can an adjustment to the cervical spine help this type of headache, but also you can try self massage to the base of the skull and moist heat to the area.  Although if the joint if the main reason for the headache the chiropractic adjustment to that joint is your best form of treatment.

If you are having headaches due to an injury to the neck such as a whiplash, a fall or just sleeping wrong on your pillow give us a call for a consultation to see if chiropractic care can help you.
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