After being a Chiropractor of 19 years, 12 of those here in Everett wa, I have been asked about MRI's a lot.  Why would a chiropractor use an MRI?  An MRI is a diagnostic image of the soft tissue (muscle, disc, nerves, ligaments) and bones of the body.  Being a Chiropractor and treating back pain on a daily basis I see patients with disc injuries daily. An MRI is our best tool to see if and how bad the disc may be injured. X-rays and CT scans do not visualize the disc, only an MRI can.  I personally use MRI's on patients who have all the signs and symptoms of a herniated disc in the spine so I can determine the right type of care for them and the right referral if necessary.  I also use MRI's if a patient is not progressing the way I think they should or if the patient has abnormal symptoms.  Also there are times I will use an MRI on a patient who has shoulder or knee pain.  This is usually done after an X-ray and only because I am going to send that patient to see an orthopedic surgeon.  It is best to see the surgeon if you have all the right information. 

This is a basic introduction to why a Chiropractor would use an MRI.  If you have neck pain, back pain, headaches, shoulder pain or have been in a whiplash type injury and have any questions regarding chiropractic care or the reasons for an MRI, please contact us.
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