I stopped drinking coffee about a year ago and looking back cannot tell you what a dramatic change I have seen in my health.  Not only physically do I feel better but the mental aspect is amazing.   I am so much more alert and can concentrate much better.

There is a lot of different information on Coffee and weight loss and mental clarity.  The one fact is that caffeine blocks one of the brain neurotransmitters called adenosine.  This adenosine tells brain cells to calm down. When you drink coffee this adenosine cannot tell the brain to calm down and you feel more alert.   BUT, what happens when the coffee wears off?  All the adenosine that is floating around in the blood now has a place to land and you feel very, very tired.  This is because the adenosine does not go away with the coffee, the caffeine only blocks the adenosine from doing it's job.  Think of damning up a river.  The water is still there, take away the damn and you have rush of water.

This in only a quick look at Coffee and mentality clarity. For a lot of people headaches, neck pain and back pain will also come with coffee consumption.  I have listed another blog of information on this and you can find tons more with Google.  If you want some face to face discussion and are looking for a chiropractor in Everett please give us a call.  425/353/7246.

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