Chiropractic in Everett and stretching

I will get two new patients a week that come in for neck pain and low back pain only because they sit at their desk for hours in a day. Having a Chiropractic office close to Boeing in Everett allows me the opportunity to see a lot of engineers.  These individuals sit for hours upon hours each day.  Most will show up with general neck and low back pain, but occasionally I will see someone who sat all day and then could not get out of their chair due to the low back pain.

When you sit for long periods (over 20 minutes) the joints of the spine will loose the fluid in them, your muscles will shorten, your lumbar spine  (low back) will collapse down and your head will fall forward.  As this happens your shoulders will roll forward and you will take shorter, less deep breaths. All of this can lead to neck and back pain along with headaches.  This is actually a very complex development in the body and can lead to a number of problems.  Fortunately the solution is usually easy.

If you are just starting the desk job or if you have minimal pain and stiffness, make a habit to get up every 20 minutes and stretch for 1 min.  I have many patients I use to see every two weeks for neck and back pain due to lack of stretching that now I almost never see due to the 20 minute stretch.

If you have developed short muscles, poor breathing and significant joint dysfunction along with an anterior head carriage due to years of sitting all day the process will be a little more difficult. You can still benefit with getting up every 20 minutes, but you will also most likely need some form of physical therapy such as chiropractic and massage therapy along with a home stretching program.

My name is Greg Beasley and this is a short intro into neck and back pain due to sitting and not moving.  If you would like to learn more or if you are in need of a chiropractor in Everett it would be my privilege to speak with you and help you.

Give us a call today at Advanced Chiropractic and set up an appointment to speak with me. You and I can decided within minutes if chiropractic is right for you and how this can help you.

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