Many patients seek out chiropractic care for neck pain and back pain.  Adjustments to the spine can do wonders for general back pain along with pain from a whiplash type accident or work injury.  In my 19 years of being a chiropractor I have yet to see a patient with a spinal problem that did not also have a muscular condition also.

This is where massage therapy comes in.  I will see many patients that are difficult to adjust due to the extremely tight muscles that line the spine.   Or due to the tight muscles of the shoulders or the neck. It still amazes me how much more effective my adjustments can be if some patients have a massage before their chiropractic adjustment.

Massage also have a lot of other benefits that making my life easy.  Massage therapy will help muscles heal faster, increase range of motion of your spine or other joints and is great for decreasing muscle spasms.  Many athletes will use massage therapy to elongate their muscles and therefore perform at a higher level.  Along with this most people just feel a lot better and have a better quality of life with massage therapy.

If you happen to have some form of neck pain, low back pain, headaches or a recent whiplash contact us at Advanced Chiropractic in Everett Wa.  We have two great massage therapist and we will most likely be able to get you in for an appointment really soon.  425.353.7246
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