Chiropractor in Everett WA treating low back pain

Most everyone has had back pain at one point in time in their life.  But there is a difference between back pain and the type of low back pain where everything you do hurts.  You can’t breathe, stand, sit, go to the bathroom or sleep without severe pain in the low back!

My name is Dr. Greg Beasley and I am a chiropractor at Advanced Chiropractic in Everett Wa.  In the 18 years I have been practicing chiropractic I have focused on acute severe low back pain.  Personally I have had episodes of disabling low back pain and I have seen my own dad go through severe low back pain and three surgeries.  These are two reasons I take severe low back pain very serious.

Acute severe low back needs fast treatment.  The worse things to do are stay at home in bed or on the floor and take pain meds.  The best thing to do if you have severe mechanical low back pain is to move and use ice.  Not heat, heat will increase inflammation, feel good for a short time but overall make you worse.  I can and will instruct you on what to do at home so you not only get out of pain quickly but you heal properly.  Many acute low back pain episodes turn into chronic long term low back pain because patients are given the wrong advice. I daily see patients that have had low back pain for years due to one episode of severe acute low back pain.

If, unfortunately you happen to have a severe disc herniation and we both feel you may need surgical care I have a group of surgeons that I can refer you to.  I usually use Everett Bone and joint.

If you choose a Chiropractor in Everett please consider Advanced Chiropractic.  I do offer to sit and speak with you in regard to your low back pain if you have questions.  The hardest patient to treat is the one that says, “I thought the pain would just go away!”

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