Very consistent them of this blog, if you have low back pain do not wait to get treated.  I will see at least one new patient a week with severe low back pain that has just injured the low back.  If I can see them within one or two days of the injury the progress will be quick.  Even on patients with total disc herniation in the lumbar spine I can see very fast progress.  Usually great improvement within a week.

Contrast that with the patient that waits two to three weeks before finding treatment and in that time this patient is sitting at home taking pain medicine and resting.  This patient can take months to get better and many times the damage done by the weeks of rest will have effects for years.  (Usually this patient is reluctant to do a lot of home care).

The reason for the big difference is both the early adjustments to the joints and the patient education.  So many people feel as if if they hurt they should not move.  The opposite is the truth.  Moving the muscles and the joints of the injured area will promote blood flow, increase fluid production of the joints in the area and promote the bodies natural pain killers.  When you sit all the muscles and joints will stiffen up and you will hurt more and then sit more.  Also early care will usually get you back to your normal daily life and this will your overall feeling of well being. (So many people with low back pain become depressed because they cannot do anything.)  In regard to education, the use of ice will have a dramatic effect on your pain and unfortunately so many people are advised to use heat.  Heat will increase the inflammation in the region and this will cause more damage and more pain.

So do you have low back pain?  Don't wait for care.  I have been a chiropractor for 20 years and have helped thousands of people recover quickly from their low back pain.  Start treatment soon and see results.
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