Everett Chiropractor treating acute and chronic low back pain.

Give me two patients with the identical injury and low back pain:  If one comes in on the day of the injury and the other waits for a couple weeks,  there will be a dramatic difference in their overall healing process.

I just had a gentleman come in the office who hurt his back on Sunday; he was bent over like a question mark and could barely walk. He was a patient here in the past and had already used ice and stretching and had been walking.  Also no sitting over 20 minutes.  I adjusted him a few times and he is straight, can walk with out difficulty and has minimal pain.  If he keeps up with a few more treatments and continues with his core exercises, I will only see him a few more times and he will be done with care.  (Until he injuries his low back again.)

Contrast that with another gentleman who came in the office months after he injured his low back. This individual is typical; he was told to rest for a week, take pain meds, avoid any activity that causes pain and use heat.  Three months after the injury, he feels somewhat better, but he has pain every day and his low back is extremely weak.  His gait is poor, he has poor posture due to chronic pain and he is not sleeping well.  The worst part is it will take months to rehabilitate this individual.

Again this is a common scenario when looking at low back pain.  In most cases, rest is bad!  Returning to a normal life as soon as possible will help you avoid chronic low back pain.

If you live in Everett and have any type of low back pain, we can help.  At Advanced Chiropractic in Everett you will receive fast effective treatment for your acute low back pain. If you have chronic low back pain we can help also, but remember most of the work for chronic low back pain is up to the patient.

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