Everett Chiropractor treating sports whiplash

Yesterday was my son’s first high school football game of the year.  He thinks it is just another step to the NFL!  So my thoughts are on football, yet also on injuries.

I am an avid photographer, very amateur, but I take a lot of pictures.  In the pictures with tackles you can see the head being forced into extension.  This is very similar to a whiplash from a car accident.  When your body goes one direction and the head goes into another direction, you have the opportunity to injury.  The joints of the neck do not care if they are injured from a whiplash in a car accident or from being hit as you run the football up the middle 15 times.  An injury is an injury.  And neck pain is neck pain.

After the injury from sports or from the whiplash, what you do next is important.  Unless there are significant symptoms in your arms or legs, you need to move the injured area.  If you rest too much the neck will stiffen up more, you will lose range of motion and you will have more pain. Worse so for the athlete, you will also be on the sidelines longer.

Right after the injury you need to do simple ROM exercises, use ice, (not heat) find a good chiropractor to show you good exercises and do light manipulation to the joints surrounding the injured joints.

At Advanced Chiropractic in Everett I have over 18 years experience treating neck and back injuries.  Your neck pain, headaches, low back pain or shoulder pain may be from a car accident, work injury or a football injury; It doesn’t really matter the cause, what matters is the treatment.

If you have any questions please call for an appointment so you and I can sit and discuss the right treatment options for your injury.

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