Want to feel better starting today and spend no money?

I don’t know anyone who would read that and say “no.” As you know most of us sit too much. We sit while eating breakfast and then sit in our cars going to work and then (like I am doing now) sit at our computers only to sit in our cars to go home and sit down to watch a good movie. This can create pain in the joints and muscles of your body.

So what is one easy solution? Walk! Yep, just walk. You may say you walk at your work. (Many Boeing employees say this.) That is true but most walking we do at work is in short bits and our stride is usually short. I am talking about a 20 minute full out walk. Or if you can’t do 20 minutes, do ten. Or do four 5 minute walks throughout the day. The big thing here is to start.

Try it for 30 days. Walk 20 min on a nice flat surface avoiding large hills. Walking can help low back pain, upper back pain and even neck pain. At Advanced Chiropractic in Everett Wa we spend significant time with each patient going over tips like this that will help our patients become pain free. Then tell me how you feel. I look forward to hearing from you.

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