Low back pain is the largest cause of disability in the U.S.. Close to 31 million people a year suffer from low back pain.  If you are reading this, it is most likely that you have had low back pain in the past or have it now.

My name is Greg Beasley and I am a Chiropractor in Everett Wa.  I have been treating patients with low back pain for over 21 years.  I see all kinds of low back pain; disc herniations, pre surgery, post surgery, simple strains, car accidents and work injuries to name a few.

There are a number of ways to treat low back pain.   We know that doing nothing and resting is the worse thing.  For most people some form of active care will help.  People with severe low back pain, the kind where you cannot get off the floor, usually need to visit their chiropractor quickly to make sure it is not something serious and once that is determined by an exam, X-ray and possible MRI a good course of stretching, ice, chiropractic adjustments and exercise will usually have that person back to normal quickly.  Many people will try the pain medication and other medication route, although this really only treats the symptoms and not the cause of the low back pain.  Yes, we do want the symptoms to go away, but if the cause of the symptoms is not addressed you will only be masking the problem.  Then most likely the pain will return.

What is the cause of low back pain?  Usually the cause is a problem with the joints of the lumbar spine (low back) and the pelvis.  This can be caused by a direct injury or repetitive injury like sitting too long.  Muscles will usually add to the pain due to the poor joint movement and the muscles having to work too hard.

Over the past 21 years I have used a combination of heat, ice, stretching (both in office and home), chiropractic adjustments, lumbar decompression and home exercise to help patients with low back pain and sciatica.  I have had great success with most patients and those who fail to improve have found the referrals to local orthopedist very helpful.

If you are having low back pain please give our office a call.  The front desk will set up an appointment for you.  The first visit is usually about an hour and will include paper work, a consult, history, exam, possible X-rays and treatment if it is deemed your problem will respond to chiropractic care.

Thanks Dr. Greg Beasley 425-353-7246


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