If you have ever had low back pain you can relate that the pain is life changing.  Everything you do hurts, cough, sneeze, put on your shoes, roll over in bed, even going to the bathroom creates more low back pain.  For many people the pain can last for years and can lead to lost jobs, emotional stress, depression and family stress.

Many people will turn to steroid injections for their low back pain. Although helpful at times they do come with risk.  I have listed a study here that shows that Chiropractic care is just as effective as cortisone shots for low back pain and the cost is less.

Steroids work due to their anti inflammatory effect.  Although not all the pain in your low back is coming from inflammation alone.  Some of the pain is most likely coming from the joints of the low back not working properly.  That is why you cannot move well without pain.  That is where the chiropractic adjustment comes in.  Through chiropractic adjustments your spinal joints can start working properly and you can begin to move again and have less pain.  The movement will also help reduce inflammation.  Along with the adjustments in our office you will receive education on home care, such as stretches and exercise, along with instruction of  ice and proper daily habits in regard to lifting and evaluation of job and home life.  Chiropractic works on you as a whole, not just a single shot in the back.

Take a look at this study and if you have any more questions please give us a call to set up an appointment.  I have twenty years experience in treating patients with low back pain.  In our office we have lumbar decompression, massage therapy and in house X-ray if needed.

Dr. Greg Beasley

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