Hello and thank you for visiting the web page for Advanced Chiropractic.  My name is Greg Beasley and I have been practicing chiropractic since 1993.  My wife, Christine is also a chiropractor. We used to practice in North Bend and moved to the Everett / Mukilteo area in 2000.  We have practiced in Everett ever since. We both graduated from Palmer College of chiropractic.

If you have came to this site to explore chiropractic as a new patient to the profession, I would like to welcome you and tell you a few things chiropractic is not:  We are not back crackers, we are not going to just crack your neck and back, we are not looking for you to come back the rest of your life, and we are not going to cure everything that ails you.  You will not have to take your clothes off and you will not have to sign up for long term care.

What we offer is a form of health care that focuses on how the spine and other joints of the body function.  If there is a loss of function in a joint, either from an injury or just daily life, you can have pain in that area.  As chiropractors we are trained to evaluate the joints and surrounding tissues and find the best way to restore function to the area.  For most people, the restoration of joint function helps decrease the pain that they present with.

If you have been a chiropractic patient in the past and are looking for a new chiropractor due to a recent move to the area, a new injury or we may just be closer to your work or home, please be assured that I understand that you know what your body needs and will listen to you and respect how you have been treated in the past.  Most incoming patients that have been under care do not need x-rays.

If you call today most likely you will be able to have an appointment today!  When I am in pain I do not like to sit around in pain and I do not expect you to either.  Therefore, we make sure there are spots for new patients daily.  When you call the office you will be asked a few questions in regard to where you hurt or if you are coming in for a car accident or work injury. We will also find out what, if any, insurance you are using and try to have your chiropractic benefits verified before your appointment.  It is our goal to set up your appointment for a time when I can spend the best time with you.

Once in the office, you will fill out the average doctor paper work.  After this you and I will sit and have a consult focusing on your chief complaint and past spinal and medical history.  (If you have any recent MRI’s or X-rays please bring these.) During the consult I will want to hear what your goals for treatment are.  Everyone's goals of care are different, some people want 100% pain relief, and others just want to be able to bend over to put on their socks. After the consult I will have a good idea if chiropractic care can help you, and then proceed to an exam on the area your pain.  After the exam we will determine if you are in need of x-rays.  Most x-rays can be taken and quickly developed in this office. We will also determine if your condition warrants an MRI.  If it does I have multiple MRI facilities (http://www.everettboneandjoint.com/everett-mri.html)  (http://cdirad6.reachlocal.net/) I work with in the area that will be able to do the scan within a day or two.

After the exam and possible x-rays I will give you my opinion on the cause of your pain and then, considering your goals discuss with you a course of treatment to help you attain your goals.  For some people this is two or three adjustments and some home stretches.  For others it is a longer course of treatment that includes home stretching, home exercises and a change of work or life style habits. If you have been in a whiplash or work injury I will do my best to return you to pre accident status.

Once we agree on the type of treatment, you will most likely be given your first chiropractic adjustment on your first visit in the office.  Most patients will have some form of pre adjustment therapy such as heat, ice, traction, massage or stretching.  In general, about 70% of new patients I see in a week feel great after the first treatment, some will feel no change and some will be a little more sore after treatment. You will not leave this office without some instructions on home therapy. If you are like most of the patients I have treated in the past 18 years you will not achieve your health goals unless you are committed to do some form home therapy.  Don’t worry I am not talking about an hour of daily home stretches.

So once again thanks for checking out the site, I hope this explanation has been helpful.  If you have more questions please call the office and set up a time for you and I to talk.  We do not charge for new patient consultations.

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