Have you been in a recent car accident and are having neck pain, headaches or  upper back pain?  After you make sure you don't have any serious life threating injury here are a couple things to keep you going:

1.  Lay down with a rolled up towel under your neck.  Just big enough to feel the pressure, but not big enough to take the back of youre head off the floor. This will decrease neck pain and help the curve in your neck. Do this a few times a day for four or five minutes.  Do not do too long or your neck will stiffen up. 

2. If it was a recent injury use ice, not heat. Ice is great for pain and also decreases the inflammation.  Heat will increase inflammation and that will create more tissue damage and acutally create more pain.  Ice any area of pain for about 10 min at time. Make sure there is a paper towel or shirt between your skin and the ice.  Or it will burn the skin.  

3. Stay acitive.  This will keep your range of motion and also decrease pain and eventual scar tissue.  I see people every day that rest after a whiplash.  This will promoted stiffness, shortened muscles and long term pain. 

4. If you were exercising before the whiplash, give yourself a few days and then return to exercise.  Although do not go to the same intensity as you did before the collision. If you have questions in regard to exercise this is a good reason to see a chiropractor.  

5. Stretch areas that are tight.  Again, most of what I see in people two or three weeks after a whiplash is a loss of range of motion of the neck and shoulders due to the patients fear of moving.  If you do not have pain into the arms or sharp stabbing pain when stretching, then continue to stretch. 

A significant amount of patients that I see that are in chronic pain after a whiplash are in that pain due to excessive rest and non activity after a whiplash.   If you have been in a car accident in the Everett area and think you may have a whiplash give us a call and set up an exam.  If x-rays are needed that can be done in the office as well. If you have other issues that may need medical care I work closely with Everett Bone and Joint, http://www.ebjproliancesurgeons.com/ and will happy to refer to one of their doctors. 

Hope this was helpful. 

My name is Greg Beasley and I am a Chiropractor in Everett Wa.  I have been treating whiplash type injuries since 1993 and would be honored to consult with you concerning your car accident. If you are having neck pain, upper back pain, headaches, low back pain or shoulder pain you most likely will benefit seeing a chiropractor. 


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