The majority of cervicogenic headaches  occurring after whiplash resolve within a year of the traumaDrottning M, Staff PH, Sjaastad O. Cervicogenic headache after whiplash injury. Cephalalgia. 1997;17:288-289.

Not really the first thing you want to read if you are searching the web for information on headaches, or especially if you are searching for headaches related to a whiplash type accident.  But sadly this is a true statement for a lot of car accident victims. When the head is thrown back and forth it can disrupt the top few vertebra and the joints associated with them.  This will effect the muscles and the nerves in the region.  Once this area is injured it can refer headache type pain over the top of your skull or into the eye. Most of long term headache patients do nothing their first few weeks after the accident.  This is dangerous because that is the most important time for care.  Early care with chiropractic, home stretching, ice and exercise can help prevent long term headaches in a lot of the victims of car accidents.

My name is Dr. Greg Beasley and I am a chiropractor in Everett Wa.  I have been treating whiplash patients since 1993.  And thankfully a majority of the whiplash victims that I treat do not take a year to get better! We have on site X-rays and massage therapy and we will take care of all the bothersome insurance needs you will have.  If you have headaches from a whiplash type injury please give us a call so you and I can determine if chiropractic care is right for you.
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