Whiplash in Everett, that may seem like an odd title to a blog, although living in the area you have probably seen many cars sitting on the side of the road with a smashed in hood and the car in front of them with a smashed in trunk.  This area has a lot of cars on the road.  This time of year there seems to be more cars on the roads due to school starting (teachers and students driving to school).  Also the roads this time of year start to be slick due to the extra moisture in the air and lack of sun to dry them out.  Couple this with the sun blaring you in the eyes when you drive east in the morning and west at night and you have a perfect set up for car accidents here in Everett.

I see whiplash patients on a daily basis.  Many of the patients who suffer neck pain and headaches from whiplash come in right away.  This patient is usually the easiest to help.  If home stretches, ice, traction, chiropractic adjustments and massage are started soon after the collision I usually see this patient improve to 50% in one month.  Contrast this to the patient who waits a month, hoping the pain will go away, before treatment begins and it can take a month just to bring the range of motion of the neck back to normal.  Early care is the key to a quick recovery from a typical whiplash.

If you have been in a whiplash type collision and are suffering from neck pain, upper back pain, headaches, shoulder pain or low back pain please do not put off care.  The longer you wait the more tightness in the muscles will develop, range of motion will be lost, weakness of the muscles will develop and the joints of the spine will become stiff and lose motion.

I am a chiropractor with over 21 years of experience treating whiplash.  I have a group of other doctors I work with on certain cases in the area.  If you just had the accident or had it months ago chiropractic care can help.  Give us a call today, we offer in house digital X-ray, massage therapy and instructions on all exercise.  425/353/7246


Dr. Beasley

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