What is the best treatment for whiplash?  Whiplash is a type of injury you may have if you have been involved in any type of car accident, although they are more common in rear end type collisions. Understanding what occurs in a whiplash injury will help you determine they type of care you will need.

In a whiplash injury the spine and body are usually at rest and are impacted by an external source, another car.  When you are struck from behind the car will move out from under you and the seat will carry your body forward leaving the head behind.  This starts the injury to the cervical spine. The head actually does not go backward, it lags behind the fast forward moving car.  When this occurs the joints of the cervical spine (neck area) and thoracic spine (mid back area) are jammed together and can be pinched together.  This will cause injury to the joints and they may then become fixated together. (Hint, chiropractors treat fixated joints.)  Next as the body is pushed forward farther by the car seat the held will be pulled along with it. As the head is flung forward the disc of spine will be compressed and the joints will be stretched.  Along with this the weight of the head will cause a strain to the cervical muscles.  All of this, the compression injury to the joints, flexion injury to the joints and disc and straining of the muscles of the neck and back happens in less than one second!

One second you are sitting at a stop light and the next second you have your hand on your neck saying, “what just happened?”  What just happened is that you have sprained the joints and ligaments of the cervical and thoracic spine and strained the muscles and tendons also.  Your next question should be, “what do I do next?”

Chiropractors have extensive training in treating strains and sprains to the neck and back.  Whiplash is a slightly different type of strain / sprain and does have to treated so. My name is Greg Beasley and I have been in practice since 1993 and do a significant amount of my continuing education in the field of treating whiplash.  I am a chiropractor in Everett Wa, and I would enjoy the opportunity to sit and speak with you about your whiplash injury.  The road to recovery will most likely be difficult and I can help you not only in this office but also if you need referrals for massage therapy, physical therapy, X-rays, MRI’s, extra medical care (we use the spine center here in Everett) or in the worst case scenario surgery. (For patients needing surgical consultations I use Everett Bone and Joint.)  http://www.everettboneandjoint.com.

If you have been involved in a whiplash type injury and are having pain in the neck, back or shoulders or you are having headaches please call us today for an appointment. The sooner you start treatment, the sooner you will get better.
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