Why choose chiropractic for your low back pain, neck pain or your whiplash? Most of the time when you go a doctors office for any problem you are going to leave with a lot of test, some medications and very little instructions on what to do to get better.

That is where the difference is with most chiropractors.  In choosing a chiropractor for your back pain or neck pain you will first have a very detailed history then a detailed exam of where your pain is followed with possible X-rays of the area.  Next you will be told in detail what is the actual cause of your back or neck pain is and then you and the doctor will decided what you will both do to help you reach your goals.

At Advanced Chiropractic in Everett WA, this is the type of care you will get for your back pain.  Every patient that comes in the office will leave with some form of instructions on how to treat their back pain at home.  Chiropractic is great for back pain, but without a good home plan you will not get better as fast as you want (or as fast as I want you too.)  For low back pain and whiplash I offer a lot of education on therapy ball exercises along with detailed home stretching.  Along with the home care I also offer in house massage therapy 5 days a week.  If your particular back pain or the pain you are having from a whiplash needs extra care I do work with a group of surgeons in the area and medical doctors that specialize in back pain and can make a referral for you quickly.

Advanced Chiropractic is located in Everett Wa.  We have long hours to serve the working communtiy in

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