What do you want out of chiropractic care?  With 18 years of experience I am continuing to learn that not every patient wants for themselves what I want for them. I would like to see every patient that enters the office for chiropractic care end up pain free.  That is not, believe it or not, every patients goal.  Many people will enter a chiropractor's office and look for a quick fix for a headache or a stiff neck.  Some will enter because they cannot sleep due to pain in the low back; they have low back pain all day but when it interrupts their sleep then they will seek out chiropractic care.  Other patients may have just had a whiplash type injury and want to return back to what they were before the car accident.  Some people accept that back pain and headaches may be a part of life while some patients decide that they can be pain free.

I have multiple jobs in the office as a chiropractor.  One of these is to find out what your goals as a patient with back pain are.  If you are reading this and you have had a whiplash, or you have disc herniation, or maybe neck pain or headaches it would be my privilege to sit down and talk with you about your health goals.  Give our office a call to make an appointment and we can meet up and see if Chiropractic care can help you achieve those goals.

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